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DANUBE is a unique stained glass window in a modern style.

This work represents the fall of leaves in autumn along the Danube river.
Imagined and created during the spring 2024 collection, DANUBE is a work that will bring warmth and comfort to the room in which you display it, with its warm orange-yellow, brown and beige colors. The glass used for the background is old, second-hand glass, reworked.

It is supplied on a specially adapted stainless steel display which offers color enhancement and perfect stability.

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This 3D glass artwork is 10,8” high, 14” width and 0,5” thick – or 275mm by 360mm and by 13mm.

The size of the stand is 2,4” high, 14,6” width and 2,9” thick – or 60mm by 370mm and by 73mm.
This large size ensures that it stands out from other decorative objects in the home, yet does not dominate the room where it will find its home.
Handcrafted in France in my glass studio in Paris, it comes with a certificate of authenticity – signed by me, the artist Eszter Hegedus, so you can be sure that your glass artwork is original.


Within France, the price includes safe delivery by tracked courier.
In Europe, the shipping cost is 30 eur, and outside of Europe 95 eur, which amounts always include safe delivery with a tracked courier.
It is also possible to pick it up in person at my glass studio in Paris.

+++ Please note that outside of France, the CUSTOMER is responsible for any additional duties/taxes/customs that may be charged in your country.
The 3-dimensional sculptures are professionally packed into a shipping carton box with special hard paper, wrapping paper and a little bubble plastic inner padding, to provide protection against shock and other damage during delivery.
I can deliver to almost every country in the world. If your address is not accepted at checkout, please contact me and I will find a solution.


Materials: glass, copper foil, lead.
This glass sculpture is made of about 23 unique pieces of special colored stained glass, in several different colors.
I cut out the pieces of the pattern by hand from larger sheets of glass. Either with a glass cutting tool or a glass saw, depending on how complicated the shape of the piece is.
I sand each piece individually after cutting until they all fit the shape perfectly.

Then I join the pieces according to the designed pattern with silicone glue (Tobol, Amur, Tocantins and Parana).
Then I cover the edges of the pieces with copper foil, then coat these edges with lead, and join them together with lead according to the designed pattern (Danube, Rio, Euphrates, Nile, Yangtze and Congo).

I designed the pattern and color scheme of this glass art. First, I draw the pattern on the iPad with the Procreat software, then I cut out the patterns with my Cricut machine, and then I use the sticky paper pattern pieces to cut out the glass pieces.
All my glass objects are unique – I never create identical objects. Even where the patterns are related, each has a completely unique color combination.
It is not even possible to unique custom order the same thing that I have already made once.
During the production of the glass sculpture, small anomalies may appear, while the production of colored glass sheets may produce small bubbles or other material deviations. These are natural occurrence that add to the beauty and uniqueness of handmade glass art.


Even carefully made glass sculpture can break, so please handle your glass art with care.
If necessary, wipe with a lint-free cloth or wipe with a soft, damp cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners as they may scratch.
When moving the piece, please transport the stand and the disc separately so that they do not harm each other.


If it is necessary to move the statue, you should NEVER hold it by the small pieces, ONLY by the base glass plate of the statue, on which the other smaller pieces are built, and which is located at the very back, and NEVER transport it upright, only in a lying position.
I recommend that you keep the box with all the protective packaging materials, and if the statue needs to be moved, transport it in it. I assume no responsibility for future transport and handling damage.


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